Dear visitor!

Thank you for your interest on Catalonia and the independence process of our Nation.

In this page you will find information of different Events from Catalonians around the World.

If you are organizing or have information about a Catalonia Event around the world, please, provide us with such information to our email adress:

You can get all the information on the following links:

New York – 3rd and 4th of November 2012. “Pluja d’Estelades”.

Around the World – September 2012. “Votes for Independence”.

Human Towers in NY – June 2012.

Conferenza: “Catalogna un nuovo stato d’Europa? Opportunità e difficoltà dei rapporti tra Alghero, la Sardegna e la Catalogna in un contesto mediterraneo” 8.11.2012

Cicle de taules rodones “La Catalunya independent que volem”. Gener 2013.

Exposició “La Catalunya Independent a l’Europa del segle XXI. Preguntes i respostes”. Gener 2013.


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