Voice of Rusia. Separatists in Europe simpatize with Crimeans. 07.03.2014

INTERNATIONAL CATALONIA does not agree at all with this article.


Nobody in Europe is probably watching the events in the Crimean Peninsula, which is a part of Ukraine, with such interest as people in Scotland and the province of Catalonia in Spain.

The reason is that on September 18, a referendum will take place in Scotland about whether it should separate from the UK and become an independent state. A similar referendum will take place in Catalonia, where quite a few people want independence from Spain, on November 9.

Before the recent revolution in Ukraine, which brought proponents of the country’s integration into Europe to power, Crimea had a status of an autonomous republic within Ukraine. At present, many, if not the majority, of Crimea’s residents do not recognize Ukraine’s new government as legitimate and want the peninsula to separate from the rest of Ukraine. One of the reasons for such sentiments is that many residents of Crimea are ethnic Russians or at least speak Russian, and one of the first actions of the new Ukraine’s government, many members of which are radically-minded Ukrainian nationalists, was to deprive the Russian language of its former status of the country’s second official one. Only Ukrainian should be the official language on the entire territory of Ukraine, the new government insists.

Read the rest here. http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_07/Separatists-in-Europe-sympathize-with-Crimeans-5164/


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