The NY Times. Why ‘Team G.B.’ Needs Scotland 12.02.2014

Why ‘Team G.B.’ Needs Scotland

Much of the debate over Scottish independence has focused on whether the Scots would be better off in or out of the United Kingdom. With the Sept. 18 Scottish referendum now only seven months off, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain has raised another critical question: Would Britain be better off without Scotland?

His resounding and even emotional answer in a speech last week, formally opening his government’s pro-union campaign, was that after 300 years, Britain would be “deeply diminished” without Scotland. Whatever Scots may think of Mr. Cameron, and polls suggest it’s not much, the question he raises is not one they should dismiss.

In effect, Mr. Cameron has declared — somewhat as Canada did in the 1990s, when Quebec was voting on independence — that whether Scotland stays or leaves affects all Britain — England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland. Minus the Scots, Mr. Cameron argued, the “powerful” United Kingdom brand would be diminished, a notion he theatrically underscored by making his speech in the Olympic Park in East London on the opening day of the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, and recalling the essential role of Scottish athletes on what was billed as “Team G.B.,” for Great Britain. (Mr. Cameron should recall some of his phrases — like “we matter more in the world together” — when it comes time to prepare for the referendum he has pledged on whether Britain should remain in the European Union.)

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