Financial Times. Catalans look to Scotland to lead the way towards independence. 27.11.2013

By Tobias Buck in Madrid

Catalan nationalists looked with envy to Glasgow this week, where Scottish leaders unveiled a 667-page blueprint detailing their vision for an independent Scotland.

Over the past year, their own calls for a break with Spain and an independent Catalan state have grown more insistent by the day. They have held demonstrations attended by hundreds of thousands, and seen a steady rise in popular support for independence in the region.

 Unlike the national movement in Scotland, however, they have yet to publish a detailed blueprint spelling out what a breakaway state would look like. More importantly, they have also yet to work out how – or when – to hold a referendum on Catalan independence.

“It seems we have two categories of Europeans here – some who are allowed to vote and some who are not,” said Ricard Gené, a senior member of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the grassroots movement that has led the popular push for independence. “The Scottish path is the one we want to follow. The problem is that Spain will not allow a referendum.”

 Read the full article here.


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