Vox #Gibraltar News. Margallo: ‘UK and #Spain must forget about sovereignty’ 08.06.2013

Editor’s note: According to Willie Chamberland this letter was sent on the day dated to the Independent Daily but never was published
The Editor, 11th December 2012.
Dear Sir,
So once again Sr Margallo shows his true Democratic credentials, quote ‘that UK and Spain must forget about sovereignty’ in order to cooperate in the management of their overlapping EU nature sites in Gibraltar waters.
I am very sorry Senor, the only one who talks about sovereignty, in fact challenges it is your Country with the usual reference to Utrecht. What any decent so called democratic nation has to do is put their money where their mouth is i.e go straight to the ICJ and defend your antiquated stance rather than try to sell to your own Nationals the idea of an agreement to allow Spain to illegally exercise control over waters which are British. Your Country is in violation of an International Convention not forgetting a UN dictum which specifically states that in the matter of territorial waters affecting a colonial situation the Governing Power has both jurisdiction and control, UNCLOS Article 2 (3).

Read the rest of the article here.


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