Financial Times. Catalonia referendum set for 2014. 19.12.2012

Catalonia referendum set for 2014

By Tobias Buck in Madrid

Catalonia will hold an independence referendum in 2014, setting the Catalan leadership firmly on a collision course with Madrid.

The agreement to go ahead with a plebiscite – formally signed and presented to the regional parliament on Thursday – is a deal struck between Artur Mas, the Catalan president and leader of the centre-right Convergència i Unió party, and the leftwing separatist group Esquerra Republicana.

The Spanish government under Mariano Rajoy, the centre-right prime minister, is not only fiercely opposed to Catalan secession, but also argues that a referendum is forbidden by Spain’s constitution.

The two Catalan parties promised to hold a “dialogue and negotiations” with Madrid over the referendum issue early next year, but indicated they were ready to hold a plebiscite even without the support of the central government.

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