Financial Times. Catalans consider road to independence. 22.11.2012

Catalans consider road to independence

Llegeix la traducció automàtica al català aqui: Financial Times_Catala_22.11.2012

By Miles Johnson in Madrid and Julius Purcell in Barcelona

Until recently, Jordi Parellada a singing teacher from Barcelona, would never have seen himself voting for Catalan independence.

On Sunday – as the northern Spanish region with an economy the size of Portugal appears poised to elect a government committed to holding an independence referendum in two to three years – Mr Parellada’s journey from unionist to separatist will become complete.

“If you had asked me six years ago, if I wanted independence from Spain, I’d have said no,” the 56-year-old says. “But now I see no other option for Catalonia. Back then I was Catalan and Spanish. Now, I’m just Catalan”.

Read the full article here.


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