National Turk. Catalonia Independency demand causes big problems in EU, bigger in Spain. 8/11/2012


Catalonia Autonomous Region of Spain has officially took its independence demand to European Union, Catalan seperatist leader Mas says Northern Spain is Catalonia and ready for EU membership.

Barcelona / NationalTurk – Spain’s Catalonia has taken an official step to be recognized as an independent state. President of the Autonomous Region Artur Mas made contacts about the issue in Brussels. During his contacts Mas said Catalonia wants to stay within the EU and the Euro currency.

Catalan leader Artur Mas on Wednesday (7 November) challenged the EU’s ambivalence on the rise of regionalism in the Union by saying it would be “illogical” not to accept small, rich, pro-EU Catalonia as an automatic future member if it splits from Spain.

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