Votes for independence – Around the world. September 2012

Iniciative by Assemblea Nacional Catalana (Catalonia Nacional Assembly) and Catalonian citiziens around the world to vote YES for the Independence of Catalonia.

“Leading up the celebration of the Catalan National Holiday on September 11th, and an historic march in Barcelona for the Independence of Catalonia on the same day, the Assemblea Nacional Catalana, or Catalan National Assembly, in cooperation with Catalan expat organizations in countries all around the world, organized the compilation of a video of supporters of Catalan independence from Santiago,in Chile, Sidney and Queensland in Australia, Szczecin in Poland, New York, Washington and San Francisco in the United States, to Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Japan.

The video, set to Lluís Llach’s “Ara Mateix” (Right Now), invites viewers around the world to converge on Barcelona for the “Marxa cap a la independència” – or March to Independence. The event ended up bringing together more than 1.5 million supporters of Catalan independence. “


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