IT In Transit. A Confused Country. 27.07.2012

A Confused Country

By Francesc-Marc Álvaro

I would like to know if the leading politicians in Spain today know their history. The principal postwar European leaders knew their history and this was why they began a project that today has become the European Union—to ward off the historical mistakes of the Old Continent. Has Mariano Rajoy read much about the 19th and 20th centuries? In Catalonia, Jordi Pujol built his leadership on a refined, precise and profound understanding of the great events of the past. History is essential for anyone who aspires to govern: history is what allows us to put decisions in context and thus makes the anxieties of the present relative. Without a historical vision, politics becomes one-dimensional, despite being efficient. The politician that never looks backward doesn’t know where he or she is.

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